Nascido em Julho de 1958 na Inglaterra, Charles Murray Higson (born 3 July 1958), more commonly known as Charlie Higson is an English actor, comedian, author and former singer. He has also written and produced for television.

Higson was educated at Sevenoaks School and at the University of East Anglia (where his brother has taught since 1986 and is now a professor of film studies) where he met Paul Whitehouse, David Cummings and Terry Edwards. Higson, Cummings and Edwards formed the band The Higsons of which Higson was the lead singer from 1980 to 1986. They released two singles on the Specials’ 2-Tone label. This was after he had formed the punk band The Right Hand Lovers, where he performed as “Switch”.[1] Higson then became a plasterer – including plastering the student house of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie[2] – before he turned to writing for Harry Enfield with Paul Whitehouse and performing comedy. He came to public attention as one of the main writers and performers of the BBC Two sketch show The Fast Show (1994–2000). He worked with Whitehouse on the radio comedy Down the Line and is to work with him again on a television project, designed to be a spoof of celebrity travel programmes.[3]

He worked as producer, writer, director and occasional guest star on Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) from 2000 to 2001. Subsequent television work has included writing and starring in BBC Three’s Fast Show spin-off sitcom Swiss Toni. He has starred in Tittybangbang on BBC Three and appeared as a panellist on QI. He recently co-directed and starred in Bellamy’s People.

He published many novels through the early to mid 1990s which take a slightly dystopian look at everyday life and have a considerably more adult tone than his other work, with characters on the margins of society finding themselves spiraling out of control, leading him to be described by Time Out as ‘The missing link between Dick Emery and Brett Easton Ellis’.[4]

In 2004, it was announced that Higson would pen the Young Bond series of James Bond novels, aimed at younger readers and concentrating on the character’s school-days at Eton. Higson was himself educated at Sevenoaks School where he was a contemporary of Jonathan Evans, current Director General of MI5. The first novel, SilverFin, was released on 3 March 2005 in the UK and on 27 April 2005 in the U.S. A second novel, Blood Fever, was released on 5 January 2006 in the UK and 1 June in the US. The third novel, Double or Die, was published on 4 January 2007 having had its title announced the day before. The next, Hurricane Gold, came out in hardcover in the UK in September 2007.[5] In this year he also made a debut performance on the panel show QI. His final Young Bond novel, By Royal Command, was released in hardcover in the UK on 4 September 2008.[6]
Higson is currently writing a zombie-horror series of books for children. The first book, The Enemy, was released in the UK by Puffin Books in 2009 and in the US by Disney-Hyperion in 2010. Book 2, The Dead, was released in the UK in September 2010. The third book in the series, The Fear was published on 15 September 2011. Charlie is currently writing the fourth novel in the series that will be out next year.[7] At a school event at Abingdon School on 14 September 2011, Charlie told children “Originally it was going to be three books and then my publisher, Puffin, said make it five and now we’re up to it being seven.”[8]

In 2011 it was confirmed that Higson would be appearing alongside the original cast (with the exception of Mark Williams) in an online-only version of The Fast Show sponsored by Foster’s Lager.[9]





Nascido em 1958, na Inglaterra, Charlie Higson é escritor, ator, comediante e produtor. Fã de histórias de terror, Charlie Higson estudou literatura gótica e cinema de horror na universidade. Após se formar na Universidade de East Anglia no início da década de 1980, Higson foi cantor da banda The Higsons até 1986, depois trabalhou por um tempo na construção civil, até começar a escrever roteiros para um famoso programa de TV britânico.

Trabalhou como produtor, escritor, diretor e ocasionalmente como ator em vários outros projetos entre 2000 e 2004, quando anunciou que iria escrever uma série sobre James Bond voltada ao público jovem, concentrando-se nos dias do personagem no colégio interno Eton. Segundo ele, a “Publicações Ian Fleming estava procurando alguém que tivesse um estilo simples e direto de escrever e fosse fã do Bond, e eles decidiram seguir o projeto comigo”. A série Jovem Bond que vendeu mais de um milhão de cópias na Inglaterra com os títulos Missão Silverfin, A morte é contagiosa e Dobrando a aposta.



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